“In a chance meeting, I was introduced to George Kallika a few months ago.  My band and I were putting some finishing touches on our album and we were deciding if we would re-record my vocal on the Album Title Track.  George listened and gave some insightful comments regarding my voice craft and singing style that he felt he could shape, and to get ‘that’ sound and feel I was wanting.  We had regular meetings over a few weeks via skype.  He completely changed my thinking and approach to these pieces, and how they should be performed and sung.  The tools and structure that George provided not only improve the vocal from our original recording, but also has allowed me to apply his knowledge and approach to my new songs and performances.  I have already asked George to working with us again when we record our next album.”

— Laura Bradley and the Bleeds

“I have worked with George over several years and across multiple projects. Working with him is just so easy. I am always amazed that no matter what genre or style I take to him, he is able to write  fantastic arrangements, shape the music or even take it in a new direction I hadn’t thought of previously. His background in voice makes him an excellent Vocal Producer and he knows exactly what to say to get the performance he wants out of me. I find George extremely approachable, professional and a knowledge of information. I continue to learn so much from George with each new project we work on together.”
— Katrina Caton


“At the ages of 10 and 12, we embarked on the ambitious task of creating a record.  George Kallika had been highly recommended to us. We came to him with a chorus sung roughly on an audio tape. George built the song up from the rough lyrical idea we had, into a polished pop production to the likes of NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and 5ive.  The song received national airplay.  We continued working with George for several more years as we found that in serving our ‘apprenticeship’ with him, we were learning so much about song writing, structure, lyric crafting, studio awareness and developing our voice craft.  Needless to say that now as adults, we still find ourselves applying the knowledge and experience we gained from our time with George and that the songs that were produced by him, still remain our favourites.”

— Red Ice / Gunn Bros